Michael Allen Danvers, Esq.

NPC: A powerful man with much to loose...


Status: Alive
Location: Richmond
Age: 53
Affiliations: Danvers Family, Richmond elite, Roman Catholic Church, Church of the Holy Crucifixion, and the Virginia State Government

Mike Danvers is in his early fifties, but he is still virile even after many years. He is handsome and charismatic with a natural wit, a perfect combination for a successful politician.


Mr. Danvers is from an old and well-to-do Virginian family, and he currently serves on the State Legislature. He is an influential man with powerful friends, and he is popular with his constituency, but not much is known about his private life.

Mr. Danvers’ wife died 10 years ago. The police investigation determined that the death was an accident, but there still remain unanswered questions concerning her demise.

The ill fortune does not stop there. Mr. Danvers’ son, Warren, fought in the Great War, returned a war hero, but apparently suffered a nervous breakdown. No one in Richmond has seen him for the last four years, and Mr. Danvers does not discuss the matter with anyone.

Cynthia Danvers is the senator’s daughter, a quiet girl who prefers to remain out of the social limelight. Her son, Joseph lives with a pall of rumor hanging over his head, the identity of his father a mystery to this very day.

The senator has summoned the investigators to his mansion in Richmond, but his motives remain a mystery.

Michael Allen Danvers, Esq.

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