Cynthia Victoria Danvers

NPC: A woman broken by her past...


Status: Alive
Location: Richmond
Age: 23
Affiliations: Danvers family

According to family friends, Cynthia looks just like her mother. She is a beautiful and demure young lady.

Cynthia is shy to a fault, avoiding contact with strangers. She rarely speaks up in conversation.


Cynthia was a girl when the Great War broke out and her brother left for Europe. That was a lifetime ago, and she is a woman now. She has a son of her own, Joseph, who she spends the majority of her time with.

Her father is the influential State Senator Mike Danvers, and her brother is Warren Danvers.

Mike Danvers is on the record claiming that Joseph’s father was a war veteran who died of the Spanish Flu, and the fact that Cynthia was only 17 when she became pregnant is a topic which is never discussed.

Cynthia Victoria Danvers

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