Micah Jordan Hamilton, PhD

NPC: A great man, trapped by his obsessions...


Birth Name: Micah Jordan Hamilton
Date of Birth: April 19th 1873
Sex: Male
Age: 51 (at time of disappearance in 1924, presumed dead)
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’0
Weight: 200
Nationality: American
Spouse: Cecilia Rose Hamilton (missing in 1908, presumed dead)
Parents: Alexander Paul Hamilton and Roxie Grace Hamilton
Children: Aaron Paul Hamilton, Mercedes Grace Hamilton, and Roxie Anne Hamilton (dead)

Personality: Intelligent, Extremely loyal husband and father, avid reader, world renown in his field, obsessed with trying to find his missing wife.


Personal Life:
Micah Jordan Hamilton was the youngest of five children and the only one currently still alive. His brother Alexander and sister Matilda both died as children due to smallpox. His only surviving sister Rose died in childbirth with her second child in 1908 and his brother, Michael, died a hero in WWI in 1916. Micah grew up very well liked and considering the family money he had everything he could ever want. He befriend his father’s best friend only child Cecilia. She was a very withdrawn girl, the doctors faulted the change of her behavior to the death of her younger siblings. She was a very nurturing child and helped her mother with her younger siblings frequently before they died. Micah was very protective of Cecilia and helped her to come out of her shell as she grew older but she never completely became what she once was.

It came to no surprise to the families when Micah proposed to Cecilia after his senior year. The couple waited until she graduated high school three years later to marry and less than a year later their son Aaron Paul was born. After a few miscarriages and a stillborn baby later, Cecilia gave birth to twin girls Mercedes Grace and Roxie Anne eight years after Aaron. The birth of the girls was hard on Cecilia and doctors told the couple to not try for more children because it would most likely kill her. Cecilia was devastated by the news because all she wanted in life was to be a mother to a large family. Life for them was good, the children were growing strong and were all very happy. Aaron and Mercedes took after their father while little Roxie was more like her mother. One evening, when they were five, while the girls were playing in the backyard they both disappeared. They were missing for three days before they were found. Unfortunately by the time they found the girls Roxie was already dead and Mercedes was clinging to life. Mercedes was hospitalized for weeks after she was found but barely hanging on. Then one night the young girl just instantly got better. Her grandfathers and local other doctors could give no explanation for her recovery so they said it was a miracle of God. As if the events of that night were not horrible enough Cecilia who was frantic over her missing daughters went missing the night the girls were found. Little is known of what happened that night and even less of what happened to Cecilia.

They searched for years hoping for clues to the young mother’s disappearance but nothing turned up. Finally the cops gave up on the search but Micah never gave up hope. He spent countless hours investigating and became obsessed with trying to find her. However he did not neglect his two surviving children in his search for his wife. He was a very loving father that gave his children everything. Both of his children loved to read and were fascinated with medicine. Aaron took after his grandfathers and was interested in more tradition medicine however his daughter Mercedes was fascinated by what her father studied, the human mind.

After Aaron graduated from high school he left home to go to Harvard medical school where he graduated top of his class. He is currently living in Baltimore, Maryland working at John Hopkins. Mercedes graduated six years later at the age of 16 from high school. She went to school locally to stay near her father and learn everything she could from him. Since he was well known in his field his research was valuable to her education. She assisted in his research for years which made her extremely knowledgeable in the field, rival those of her father’s peers despite her lack of education or experience.

In 1924 he went missing. Mercedes came home from school and he was just gone. There was no note, and nothing was removed; he was just gone. Again the policed searched frantically however just like with Cecilia nothing turned up. Every waking moment that Mercedes is not at school she has spent looking for her father and clues about her mother.

Professional Life:
Micah Hamilton is a world famous parapsychologist. Like his father he was interested in medicine but he was utterly fascinated what makes the brain tick and was an avid reader of Freud and Jung. Micah however never agreed with Freud’s opinions and he was outspoken in his opinion. Within the parapsychology Micah is as famous as Freud and Jung with it comes to theories on the brain. Micah is an obsessive journalist, everything with his work is written down which has led to many innovations by Micah himself or others using his research. Micah is considered one of the brightest minds in the field and Mercedes is quickly following in his footprints.

Micah Jordan Hamilton, PhD

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