Mercedes Grace Hamilton

(Elizabeth) A girl on a mission to find her family...



Birth Name: Mercedes Grace Hamilton
Date of Birth: February 6th 1903
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Hair Color: Reddish Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’4
Weight: 125
Nationality: American
Parents: Micah Jordan Hamilton and Cecilia Rose Hamilton
Grandparents: Alexander Paul Hamilton and Roxie Grace Hamilton (paternal)
Cornelius Aaron Chamberland and Mercedes Anne Chamberland (maternal)
Siblings: Brother: Aaron Paul Hamilton Sister: Roxie Anne Hamilton (dead)

Personality: Highly Intelligent, Logical, Independent, Head-Strong, Reader


Personal Life:
Mercedes was born on February 6th 1903 and has one brother eight years older and a younger twin sister. Both girls were named after their grandmothers. The children grew up loved by both of their parents and their grandparents. Despite being identical the girls were very different. Mercedes, like her older brother, was outgoing and head-strong like their father. They also enjoyed reading and spent hours in the family library learning everything they could.

At the age of five while playing in the backyard both girls were kidnapped. They were missing for three days and the family was frantic. Little is known about the events that transpired but Mercedes was the only survivor. She was barely hanging onto life when she was found. She spent weeks in the hospital every day on deaths door. Then one night a miracle happened and she was instantly better, no one could explain her miraculous recovery. As if this was not horrible enough the girl’s mother also went missing the same night Mercedes was found. Mercedes has flashes of memory of the night’s events a few including her mother trying to save her and her sister but most of the nights events are buried deep in her memory.

After these terrible events Mercedes and Aaron grew closer despite their age difference. Aaron became very protective of his little sister growing up, not that she needed it usually because she has her father’s wit. He helped her when their father was busy working. Both grandmothers stepped in to help with the children but they were old and sometimes it fell onto the children to care for one another or their grandparents. When Aaron was in high school their last grandparent died but by this point the kids were very independent. It hit the family hard but death is a part of life and they had been exposed to death at a young age already so they were used to it.

Six years after Aaron left for college Mercedes graduated from her private Catholic High School at the age of 16. She decided to attend school locally to stay near her father and to continue to learn from him. Despite popular opinion on woman’s education abilities she was the top of every class and accelerated through college like she did high school. She is currently finishing her master’s degree in parapsychology.

Mercedes tried many times to help her father with her mother’s investigation however Micah always pushed her away saying she was not strong enough to understand and other ramblings that she never understood. She secretly tried to look at his notes but could never find them. Since her father’s disappearance Mercedes has frantically been looking for him in her spare time. She has also taken over her father’s investigation into her mother’s disappearance.

Professional Life:
Early on in life Mercedes grew interested in science and medicine like her brother, father and grandfathers before her. However unlike Aaron she took more interested in her father’s work than her grandfather’s work. She was fascinated by the mind and loved to read the works of Freud and Jung. Micah encouraged Mercedes to develop her own theories and he taught her to stand up for her beliefs. They would discuss her opinions and he would teach her how to test her theory. Sometimes when Mercedes would think of something that Micah had not thought of and an idea he liked, Micah would experiment with the idea. He wrote everything down in journals, all of his experiments. Mercedes did her own small experiments growing up with her friends and family. Micah shared his vast knowledge of the human mind with his daughter. She was a quick study and despite her lack of schooling was matching wit with men in the field several times her age and with years of experience.

When she was older he would let her watch some of the experiments to learn when she had time and he would also let her read his journals. Experts in the field tried to push her out because she was a woman but she was stubborn and with the help of her father they were forced to accept her. Since his disappearance most of the parapsychology field have dismissed Mercedes and her views unless she would let them have access to her father’s research. Since then she has been trying to make a name for herself not on the coattails of her father but she has finally come to realize just how much his presence influenced them in the past few years. However there are several in the parapsychology field that recognized her for her natural talent and despite her lack of training and experience still communicate regularly and help her with her ambitions.

Mercedes Grace Hamilton

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